Artesa Cheese Cutting Wire

Price: £9.40


Treat yourself to this cheese cutter, and youll soon find its the most used tool on the cheese board. With classic features such as a sharp cutting wire and large handle, its easy to cut just about any kind of cheese, and ensure perfect presentation while youre at it.

Delicate cheeses such as Brie, feta and goats cheese are no longer too fragile for the board. You can evenly portion out soft cheeses to the desired thickness, ready for crackers and bread, without causing it to disintegrate under pressure or endanger your fingers. The wire tackles semi-hard varieties like Cheddar and Edam, as well as sponge cakes, terrines, and pt with flair, too.
Best of all, unlike traditional cheese knives, your fingers stay safely away from the blade, and theres no surface for gooey, crumbly bits to get stuck on. This means rinds, soft interiors, and crumbly cheeses keep their lovely shapes

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