Cantina 5 Day Wine Kit Ros

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The wine making kits in our Cantina 5-day series are produced from Italian quality grape juices. Our supplies of grapes come from the northern Italian regions of Emilia and Tuscany. We prefer northern Italian grapes to the more common southern ones from Spain or south Italy. The reason is that the cooler climate tends to produce higher quality grapes, with a more clean and complex wine as the result. With the help of a recently developed, highly specialized yeast/nutrient mix we are here able to ferment a wine in 4 days only (the 5th is used for clearing) and still retaining most of the grape qualities. During the development of this winekit we found that the using high quality grape concentrate becomes more important the faster the fermentation. For a 4-day fermentation, only a few European concentrates will work well. It is possible to ferment even faster, ultimately down to one day only but this will result in a massive loss of quality and to make it taste anything like a wine, most of the wine flavour will have to be added artificially afterwards. We have not entered that path, we believe in a more natural way of producing wine.

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