Colourworks Brights Silicone Spatula Plum

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This silicone spatula is the epitome of a trusty and reliable kitchen utensil, and heres why. The head has been cunningly shaped to include a bowl rest, so messy worktops will become a thing of the past. And, as its silicone, you can pair it up with so many other kitchen tools you can even use it with metal magic! Its really flexible too, so itll bend with the contour of your mixing bowl when you scrape, simultaneously reducing food waste and washing up. 

As its odour and flavour resistant, you wont risk passing unwanted tastes and smells between recipes and its also really hygienic, as there are no cracks for food to get stuck in. And then theres the handle. And what a handle! Carefully designed by the clever folks at Colourworks to sit snugly in your grasp as you stir, the textured surface is easy to grip and soft to touch at the same time.
Available in the key Colourworks colours, this multi-function spatula can be co-ordinated with a range of other items in the Colourworks range, allowing you to mix, match and co-ordinate your kitchen in a striking array of colours



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