Microwave Steam Bags

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Steaming vegetables, fish and chicken is a great way to avoid cooking with oils and to retain important nutrients and vitamins, as well as important flavours and colours. And it doesnt have to be laborious or depend on bulky electrical equipment either. Pop your meal in to one of these transparent microwavable steam bags and magically transform your microwave in to a steamer. Youll be munching on crunchy, tasty dishes in a matter of minutes. The bags couldnt be easier to use. Simply pop your ingredients inside a bag, seal the top and place it in the microwave for the required amount of time usually between two to five minutes. Allow it to rest for 30 seconds before removing from the microwave and then serve theres nothing more to it! Theyre even freezer safe, so you can plan your meals in advance and pull them out when youre ready to eat

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