Ozmo Vacuum Freshener & Deodorizer 4pk

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Specially developed format for Bagless Vacuums but suitable for ALL vacuum types Bagless units bins are emptied on average each 7.3 days - (Dyson) much more often than conventional vacuums on average 1.7 months - (Electrolux)
Older freshening formats like rods or tea-bag sachets tend to clog in bagless vacuums and can also interfere with air flow & moving parts
Ozmos granular format avoids these problems 

Latest Granular Formulation
100s of fine granules circulate with the moving air, giving an excellent diffusion surface area No possibility of clogging or entrapment
Biodegradable and can be disposed of with the collected dust, dirt & fibres
2 in 1 Action
Deodorises unwanted odours
Leaves a fresh & clean panel tested perfume as a signature of cleanliness
Complete Flexibility
Specially developed for bagless vacuums but suitable for ALL vacuum types
Available as a 4 sachet pack

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