Stellar Rocktanium Saute Pan


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Make experimenting effortless

Confidence is key when it comes to trying new dishes and polishing your culinary creations. Whether it requires a flash of sizzling heat or a slower melting pot, do it with purpose. Trusting your instincts comes from tried-and-tested cooking.

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Crafted for cooking ease

Built to handle your demanding recipes, no matter who is in control of the cooking:

Healthier cooking – high-performance non-stick coating means you need little to no oil.
Hard-wearing – thick construction with strong scratch resistance for easy care.
Dependable – pan base heats and cools evenly to keep you in control.

Key features

Reinforced non-stick coating with modern speckled finish

Dishwasher safe for easy clean-up

Oven-friendly, securely riveted handles