Brabantia Toilet Brush & Holder – White


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Not too hot on cleaning the loo? Armed with this reliable Brabantia ReNew Toilet Brush and Holder, cleaning the toilet is a lot easier and faster. Bonus: the holder keeps your brush out of sight, but ready whenever you need it. Made of corrosion-resistant materials, the holder keeps its beauty – even in humid conditions. Designed to be discreet!

Benefits & Features

  • Thorough cleaning – brush with smart-designed shape.

  • Discreet – brush holder keeps brush out of sight.

  • Easy to clean and empty – simply lift the holder and pour out excess water.

  • Stands stable, non scratching – plastic base.

  • Ideal for humid areas – made of corrosion-resistant materials.

  • Problem-free use – 10 year guarantee and service.

  • More sustainable choice – made of 39% recycled materials, 96% recyclable after use.

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