HG Air Neutralizer For All Bad Smells


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HG air neutralizer for all bad smells is a harmless water-based plant extract which does not mask unpleasant smells (caused by frying fish, boiling sprouts, cooking chips, smoking etc.) but instead neutralises even the toughest smells safely and effectively, leaving behind a clean and healthy scent. HG air neutralizer for all bad smells is packaged in a very user friendly spray can. Due to it being pressurised, the spray is very even and can be sprayed in all positions. Spray HG air neutralizer for all bad smells liberally in the area where the air needs to be neutralised. The air will be clean again after fifteen minutes. The treatment can be repeated in the event of stubborn smells. If the unpleasant smell has not been neutralised after 2 treatments, there is probably still a source present which causes the unpleasant smell. This source can be combated with HG eliminator of all unpleasant smells at source.