HG Grease Away


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Animal or vegetable fats, grease or oils are completely removed with HG Grease Away. HG Grease Away is a safe product for virtually any surface in the kitchen: on cookers and cooker hoods, microwave ovens, on stainless steel, galvanised, enamelled and aluminium surfaces

HG Grease Away can also be used on ceramic tiles and synthetics surfaces including worktops.

For cleaning baked on grease inside of ovens and grills etc. please use HG Oven, Grill and Barbecue Cleaner or for a brush-on cleaner we recommend Oven Mate. For microwaves use HG Hagesan (Combi) Microwave Cleaner.

Now available we have HG Grease Away Refills – each 500ml refill will refill your empty 500ml FIVE TIMES!