HG Kitchen Drain Unblocker 1Ltr


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As a result of rinsing away scrape of food, grease and oil often form extremely stubborn blockages in the kitchen. HG kitchen drain unblocker is based on natural micro-organisms that, quite literally, eat their way through the blockage and can therefore unblock any drain. In addition to clearing blockages, HG kitchen drain unblocker has special ingredients which help to prevent blockages from forming. Allow a small amount of hot water to pass through the blockage wherever possible. Then pour a third of HG kitchen drain unblocker down the drain. To set the product in action, pour in about 200 ml of hot water afterwards. Give the unblocker 6 to 8 hours to do its work and once more allow more water to pass through the drain. The blockage is now cleared. To prevent blockages or unpleasant odours, a few drops can be poured down down the drain twice a month, preferably in the evening, so it is allowed overnight to work.