HG Meubeline Light – 250ml


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HG meubeline for light coloured wood is a high-grade cleaning agent for furniture that has been left untreated, varnished, oiled or waxed after its manufacture from lightweight woods, such as pine. The marks left by glasses of water, alcohol and other compounds will no longer be visible in the wood. Surfaces that are grey, bleached or faded will regain their natural colours. Scratches are camouflaged by the HG meubeline for light coloured wood. Apply a liberal coating of HG meubeline for light coloured wood, working in equally spaced widths, and allow it to penetrate for approximately 6 to 10 hours. Repeat the treatment of areas that have fully absorbed the cleaner. After the time allowed for absorption, remove the remainder of the cleaner – using a clean cloth. If the surface was previously treated with wax, apply a liberal coating of HG meubeline for light-coloured wood and, after 2 hours, remove the wax that is released. Then, continue with the treatment as described above