HG Meubeline


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HG Meubeline is a high quality maintenance product for stained, varnished, oiled, untreated or waxed furniture. HG Meubeline is particularly suitable for medium and dark furniture

Tarnished water and alcohol rings and stains disappear. Dull, bleached and faded surfaces regain their natural colours and scratchmarks are camourflaged with HG Meubeline.

For deeper scratches we recommend using Scratch Cover on medium to dark wood.

For light coloured wood use HG Meubeline Light.

Attention: Do not apply HG Meubeline on polished, artificially bleached or pale furniture (for instance pine, ash, light and medium oak) or on brands of varnish that are waterproof. Local discolourations may occur because of hairline cracks in these lacquers. High gloss lacquers may become slightly duller. Dark stains and rings will not be removed.