HG mould remover foam spray


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HG mould cleaners destroy all moulds immediately and the dirty black marks disappear. These dirty black mould, damp or weather stains often occur on the silicon seals between the bath tub and the tiled wall, in the shower cubicle or on plaster. The cleaners are available as an ordinary spray version – HG mould spray – and as a foam cleaner – HG mould remover foam spray. Both are extremely effective, but the unique foam formula has a less penetrating odour, can be trained even more precisely on the mould and splashes less too of course. Foam also adheres better, which means it works longer and better.

Spray the surface from 3-5cm. Leave the product to work for 30 minutes and then rinse or clean with water and a sponge.

Be careful when using biocides. Read the label and the product information before use.