Youngs Yeast Sachet Ale 5grm


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Youngs Ale Yeast is a customary example of a traditional top fermenting English Ale yeast and is used throughout the country in commercial breweries as well as by home brewers. The pure single strain culture has several outstanding characteristics such as it’s high temperature tolerance, high alcohol tolerance, relatively low risk of bacterial contamination and outstanding sedimentation characteristics, making it a consistently popular option, delivering reliable top quality Ale’s. You can expect a full bodied, fruity Ale with a hoppy, estery nose and palate. When using this yeast you can look forward to a high final gravity that delivers additional body, weight and a fuller flavour to competitor yeasts. Young’s Ale yeast can be sensitive to variations in fermentation temperature but where constant temperature is used it is a forceful strain with very strong fermentation and moderate attenuation properties.

Technical Information

Gluten Free

Alcohol Tolerance: 9.5% v/v
Viable cell count > 5.0 x 10 CFU/gram
Wild yeast: 1 per millin
Total bacteria:



During yeast manufacture, special processs are employed to promote very high leveles of the natural compound – Trehalose within the yeast.

Trehalose is a natural sugar produced within the yeast cells to protect itself during prolonged storage and stress conditions.

The very high levels of trehalose acheieved also remove the need for re-hydration before adding to must or wort – there is now no advantage in doing this even for high alcohol wines.